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Electric Cross Arms

Cross arms have the purpose to adjust required accesories within aerial power installations. Only certain species can be treated. Before a treatment process it requires carving, incising, pilling and drilling. Usually install for urban and rural distributional systems.

Treatment is necessary for preservation purpose with creosote, pentachlorophenol and borate salts as wood preservatives.

Mainly cross arms applications depende on species product from its manufacture:

  • Hard and light wood cross arms useful on condcutor support, equipment and accessories for aerial medium tension installations.
  • Cross arms assigned to aerial structure for its same purpose.
  • Wood-laminated cross arms.

Wood composition is sectional glulam, thus obtaining a greater structural strength. Currently laminated wood is a material that has develop an exceptional technic and appearance, its benefits highly surpasses those who offer other type for construction materials.

Therefore, we contact best-laminated wood producers to acquire the best-imported produts

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