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Railroad Ties

On railways, ties are position crosswise from track axis for a safe protection towards people and at the same time an attachment for both parallel rails to adjust onto ballast. Thus, same action releases rolling material wight from ballast to the ground.

Furnishes uniform weight function, which allows initial geometry path to maintain at its greatest extent possible. They are manufactured mainly on pine and oak species.

An advantage to be consider is its low weight due to an easier replacement, for 70kg (154lbs) are easily manageable by two person, something that would not occur in other 3 to 4 times heavier tie species. Also a safe performance during derailed for their higher breaking resistance. 

Wood treatment usage increases construction strength and durability, if wood has exposure to biological agents damage such as fungi or insects, treatment process prevents spoilage and helps maintaining timber properties for a longer time, likewise is a versatile material, it can be cut and drilled according to project characteristics and requirements. 

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