Preserving our future.

¿Why preserve wood?

All wood is vulnerable to biological agents, action which affect and destroy cells. Most significantly IMPREGNACIONES ESPECIALES, reinforces the conservation of this valuable resource, with vacuum treatment and pressure process in conjunction with preserving chemicals, consequently we prevent the attack of biological organisms.

The sustance of natural resources for future generations is our greatest commitment, therefore every treatment we use on wood is in accordance to a transformation that lasts longer, and thus ensuring many years of use before maintenance, repair or replaicement.

  • Well preserved wood exceeds 40 year lifespan.
  • Not rusting, nor corrosion.
  • Resistance towards fungi and insects reaction.
  • May use inks, varnishes and paints finished in a variety of shades.
  • Marine and acids climate resistance.
  • It does not leach, the preservative is permanently added in the wood.
  • Environmental pollution free, non-toxic to animals or plants.
  • The impregnation process does not alter the natural resistance of wood.
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