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Wood Poles

Wood poles are to be utilize for aerial power, telephonic and illumination connections due to their resistance and flexibility to several project characteristics. They are used for electrical installations and due to flexible and durable elements within wood, it adjusts to any project.

The wood material poles is unenergetic (not electrical conductor) thus reduces dischargeable electrical risks for the installers, otherwise than by installing concrete poles. Main uses and applications found in primary distribution cables, which are the ones with electrical energy applied upon secondary central distribution directed to consumers.

Treatment on wood poles is either Creosote, Penta or CCA which allows preservation, insect plague and other agents that can harm or rotten wood.

Domestic and international poles are available in all measures and categories. They are certify by LAPEM (Laboratorio de Pruebas Equipos y Materiales). Meet specifications and standards stablished by CFE as well.

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