Preserving our future.

Description of the process.

At first, process begins by sorting wood, then wood is trim sized according to customer needs and after following a standard drying time, bulk assembly proceeds to enter into autoclave where depending on future use a preserving mixed solution, is selected to penetrate wood body by using different levels of pressure, vacuum and temperature applications.

Relating to every wood piece usage we offer 3 different preserver solutions, each one with specific chemical and physical features which lead to guarantee our product.

  • Pentachlorophenol
  • Creosote
  • CCA

We guarantee thequality of our product by sterilizing wood to 95°C and aplying pressure impregnator of 180 lbs./in.

We assure to meet all specifications and quality standards. We are national certified suppliers by CFE since 2002, trustworthy by Ferromex, Ferrosur and Pemex as well.

Paso 1 Paso 2 Paso 3

Introduction of natural wood select to the impregnation cylinder.

The cylinder is closed hermetically and starts the air vacuum fron the cylinder and the wood cells.

The preserving chemical is pumped inside.

Paso 4 Paso 5 Paso 6

The pumps increase the pressure inside and force the chemicals en the wood, until reach the correct penetration for each product.

After this the excess of preservant is pumped out.

After this the excess of preservant is pumped out.

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